Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard!
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At the moment, our fleet consists of 5 boats, of which the steamboat “Thalia”, built in 1909, is our flagship.

Once again this year, nostalgia enthusiasts will have the opportunity to take a look in the engine room and see the original steam engine.

  • ES Maria Wörth

    Our solar-powered electric boat “Maria Wörth” was built in 2012 and runs on environmentally-friendly electric power.
  • MS Velden

    The motor vessel “Velden” started operations in 1966. In 1989, the “Velden” was completely modified from bow to stern. The interior furnishings were modernised in 2010.
  • MS Klagenfurt

    The motor vessel “Klagenfurt” was built in 1971 and modified from bow to stern in 1988. In 2011, the interior was redesigned.
  • MS Kärnten

    The motor vessel “Kärnten” – the sister vessel to the “Klagenfurt” – started operations in 1974, and was given a complete facelift, provided with a second level and newly furnished in 2011.
  • DS Thalia

    The “Thalia” steamboat – elegant and unique. One of the last screw steamboats in Europe.
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