ES Maria Wörth

Environmentally friendly on the Wörthersee

Our solar-powered electric boat “Maria Wörth” was built in 2012 and runs on environmentally-friendly electric power.

The “Maria Wörth” was built in 2012 and officially began operations on the lake on 20th July 2012. The new passenger boat is approved for 60 guests, has two toilets on board, a helm at the bow, a small lounge in the stern and a bar behind the helm.

The Wörthersee Schifffahrt is a CEMOBIL project partner. Our boat “ES Maria Wörth” is a LIFE+ and klimaaktiv mobil supported project.

Boat data

Registration numberK-10001
Length18.90 metres
Width5.10 metres
Load carrying capacity5.00 tons
Licensedfor 60 people