Timetable 2020

Ahoy on lake Wörthersee – The Caribbean of the alps!

Join us in  summer season 2020 when we once again set off, and enjoy the most beautiful lake in Austria on one of the boats from our fleet!

Our staff will be pleased to help with any enquiries concerning the new season and are available on +43 463 211 55.


Klagenfurt – Velden / Velden – Klagenfurt

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to predict when we will start shipping due to the official requirements that currently apply until June 30, 2020. You will find information on this on our homepage and on social media.
Thank you for your understanding and see you soon on the Wörthersee Schifffahrt!

Klagenfurt Krumpendorf Reifnitz Maria Wörth Pörtschach Landspitz Pörtschach Parkhotel Pörtschach Werzer Dellach Weißes Rössl Kraftwerk Forstsee Velden Velden Kraftwerk Forstsee Weißes Rössl Dellach Pörtschach Werzer Pörtschach Parkhotel Pörtschach Landspitz Maria Wörth Reifnitz Krumpendorf Klagenfurt 
Summer boat trip 08/05/2020 till 31/10/2020
KlagenfurtKrumpendorfReifnitzMaria WörthPörtschach LandspitzPörtschach ParkhotelPörtschach WerzerDellachWeißes RösslKraftwerk ForstseeVeldenVeldenKraftwerk ForstseeWeißes RösslDellachPörtschach WerzerPörtschach ParkhotelPörtschach LandspitzMaria WörthReifnitzKrumpendorfKlagenfurt
08:0008:1008:3008:4508:55 09:1009:20  09:4510:0010:1010:2010:2510:40 10:5011:0011:1511:3511:45
10:0010:1010:3010:4510:55 11:10   11:4512:00   12:40 12:5013:0013:1513:3513:45
12:0012:1012:3012:4512:55 13:1013:2013:2513:3513:4514:0014:1014:2014:2514:40 14:5015:0015:1515:3515:45
14:0014:1014:3014:4514:55 15:10   15:4516:00   16:40 16:5017:0017:1517:3517:45
16:0016:1016:3016:4516:55 17:1017:2017:2517:3517:4517:50 18:0518:1018:20 18:3018:4018:5519:1019:20
Summer boat trip 08/05/2020 till 31/10/2020
Maria Wörth08:4510:4512:4514:4516:45
Pörtschach Landspitz08:5510:5512:5514:5516:55
Pörtschach Parkhotel
Pörtschach Werzer09:1011:1013:1015:1017:10
Weißes Rössl13:2517:25
Kraftwerk Forstsee13:3517:35
Kraftwerk Forstsee10:1014:10
Weißes Rössl10:2014:2018:05
Pörtschach Werzer10:4012:4014:4016:4018:20
Pörtschach Parkhotel
Pörtschach Landspitz10:5012:5014:5016:5018:30
Maria Wörth11:0013:0015:0017:0018:40

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One of the Most beautiful lookout and trasmission towers in Austria is locatet south of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia. The popular destination is in the municipial area of Keutschach am See. On the over 851 meters above sea level situated Pyramidenkogel the oberservation tower was reopened in 2013.


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The miniature world at Lake Wörthersee offers its guests 159 models from more than 40 countries on a scale of 1:25 in the outdoor area and an interactive round-the-world-tour at the indoor adventure-world. A highlight for the whole family.