Boat trips on lake Wörthersee

Due to the new lockdown from Monday 22.11.2021, the Advent boat trip will unfortunately be cancelled!

We look forward to seeing you again in summer 2022

It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer or autumn.

Lake Wörthersee shows itself in the best possible light in all seasons of the year. Crystal-clear, turquoise coloured water and increasingly warmer temperatures positively invite you to take a trip on one of our boats. Enjoy the scheduled trips aboard the MS Kärnten, MS Klagenfurt, MS Velden or DS Thalia.

Corona protective measures on board

Journeys with the liner ships

  • According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, excursion shipping in scheduled operations falls within the definition of the “mass transport means” (Section 3).
  • This means that on board and at the associated berths for boarding and disembarking “must wear an mouse-nose-mask for persons who do not live in the common household. If, due to the number of passengers and boarding and disembarking, it is not possible to keep to this distance, this distance may exceptionally be waived.’
  • An mouse-nose-mask must be worn in closed spaces. This does not apply while consuming at the place.

Breakfast bookings on the liner

  • A mouse-nose-mask duty already at the jetty and in closed spaces on board the Wörthersee ships, except at the table
  • Upon entering the Wörthersee ships, a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of a COVID-19 disease must be presented to each person. Valid proofs:
    • Self-test with digital solution: 1 day
    • Antigen test: 2 days
    • PCR test: 3 days
    • Recoveries: up to 6 months after the disease
    • Vaccinated persons: from 22 days after initial vaccination till 14.08.
    • Vaccinated pesons: from second vaccinatino on valid from 15.08.
  • The reservation obligation is completed with the reservation through the WSG office. If not all persons are from the same household, the registration requirement applies when entering the ship. Online pre-existing possible to fill out a form via myVisitPass or on board

Breakfast on Board

incl. 1-Dayticket

On board our boats we will treat you to freshly roasted coffee, cool beers, sparkling wines and a wide selection of refreshing drinks. Small culinary delights such as baguettes with savoury toppings and snacks can be enjoyed as well as ice-cream creations from Schöller.